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The biggest global symbol of video games, after success of Atari, charismatic characters and created games that were marked in history. Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo, Game Boy Advance, GB.Color, and recently Nintendo WI all were successful.



Since the launch of the Playstation 1 in 1993, is successful in sales, the most successful until this moment is the playstation 2, PS2 is world record holder in sales.



Achieved great success in sales mainly on the master system and Sega Genesis and not so successful, comes yours successors Saturn and DreamCast. Other cast: SegaCD, Game Gear, Sega 32x ...



Entered in market for video games with the X-Box in 2001, having competing only with the PS2, sold well, but far away from PS2, greatly improved with the release of X-Box 360 now competing with the PS3 and Wii, curiously the X-Box 360 uses a based OS version on Unix and not the Windows..

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Emulator and Emulation:

In computer science, the emulator is a software (computer program) that simulates an environment, allowing you to run other software on it. The emulator simulates the behavior of a specific hardware, in our case, the video games, for example, the emulator "Project 64" and the emulator "1964" simulates the Nintendo 64, and the ePSXe Emurayden simulate the playstation (ps1). The images extracted from the video game cartridges, called ROMS, a rom emulator and you can play the video game on PC with superior quality to the actual video game. The problem is due to the copyright laws, you can only have a rom if you own the original game. Here in RoxDownload you find the best video game emulators for download.

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